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Help your employees make the most of their pension savings at retirement

For many people, retirement will involve some of the biggest financial decisions they’ve ever had to make. Having access to the right guidance and, where appropriate, advice is key to ensuring your members are able to achieve a good outcome from your workplace pension scheme.

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The Lorica workplace pensions & wellbeing research 2018 showed that just 22% of employers offered their employees pre-retirement guidance or courses – although 56% were planning to do more in this respect. With so many options now available to savers in defined contribution (DC) schemes when they come to take their benefits, providing additional support at this crucial stage has never been more important.

The type of support needed will, of course, vary from member to member. Lorica’s range of pre-retirement services includes options to suit every budget and workforce. Download our short guide to our pre-retirement services to find out more.

By helping your employees navigate and understand their options at retirement, we help you to maximise your return on investment from your workplace pensions spend.

Download pre-retirement services guide 

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